As a boutique talent consultancy, our strategic intelligence offering is what differentiates us from traditional search firms.

Instead of providing one solution to all problems, we understand the industry’s requirements and have built a team to consult globally on transformative change and ambitious growth.

Our strategic intelligence provides you with the knowledge of what your peers, competitors and those in other industries are doing with regard to commercial strategy, talent and structure. This empowers you with an unrivalled perspective and the ability to benefit from today's opportunities.

Talent Mapping

Our strategic intelligence offering was built from the foundations of our talent maps. This has been a core product for many years, and our dedicated research practice continues to find ways to enhance the outputs in order to provide you with a detailed, full and unbiased insight into a particular market or territory.

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Market Insights

Our market insights provide you with the data points required to make informed decisions, drive tangible results, and gain an advantage over competitors.

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Perception Analysis

When looking to carry out any growth, or change strategy it is first important to understand your starting point. At its core, perception analysis lets you see how others view your business, your talent, your remuneration, and your place in the market. 

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Remuneration Benchmarking

Utilising our existing dataset, combined with a deep and broad network of sources, we are able to produce very specific and actionable data to understand how your company’s remuneration structure compares to your peers this can be used to develop new remuneration strategies, ensure that high potential talent is suitably incentivised, and your business is able to attract the leaders of the future. 

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Succession Planning

Preparing for future leadership changes and unexpected departures is crucial in protecting the performance and ongoing success of any organisation. We can help you to develop succession plans so that you are well-prepared for any challenges ahead, ensuring that your business continues to operate efficiently, and with the least amount of disruption.

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Non-Financial Due Diligence

Non-financial due diligence usually combines a variety of our strategic intelligence products and is typically used when considering an acquisition, assessing the impact of a potential merger, or when looking to onboard a new team. Going beyond the balance sheet, we can provide analysis on market reputation, key talent, un-institutionalised clients, flight risks, cultural clashes and historical issues.

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