Diversity & Inclusion

Developing and assisting our clients with their diversity and inclusion strategies

Our Commitment:

Eames Partnership is committed to promoting an equal working environment, and we strive to embed diversity and inclusion into our hiring practices. We work to ensure that our external candidates and our own employees are treated with respect, and that we select individuals based purely on merit and capability.

The advantages of having a diverse and inclusive workforce are broadly recognised and are noted to contribute towards positive business performance. According to the McKinsey & Company 2018 ‘Delivering Through Diversity’ report, companies that embraced gender, ethnic and cultural diversity at the executive level were more competitive and 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.[1]

Discrimination and bias can arise through the structure of the search process itself and the nature of the selection method. In order to mitigate this, we have implemented several strategies which assist in ensuring that our approach is fair and non-discriminatory to all candidates.

Minimising Unconscious Bias

Standardised hiring process: Every candidate is evaluated through the same procedure for a particular role:

  • Detailed job specification: We clearly define the behavioural skills and capabilities, as well as the level of experience, that is required for the role. This enables us to match candidates to a thorough set of specifications without getting side-tracked.
  • Removing the candidates profile picture on LinkedIn: In the early stages of the search process, LinkedIn is a hugely useful secondary research tool to highlight potential candidates for the longlist stage. We currently have a browser extension in place that automatically removes users’ pictures on LinkedIn. This removes the possibility of unfairly judging a candidate on their physical appearance, and rather allows the hiring manager to focus solely on their experience and merit.
  • Collaborative shortlisting process: When shortlisting candidates for a role, we ensure that each candidate is evaluated by several members of the team, therefore mitigating the likelihood of unconscious bias affecting our choices.
  • Psychometric testing: Assessments are conducted throughout the search process, and every shortlisted candidate is subject to complete the test(s). These results provide powerful insights into a candidate’s skillset and ability, alongside producing objective data, which consequently adds an additional layer of unbiased credibility to the hiring process.
  • Structured interviews: We endeavour to ensure our interviews are consistent and fair for all candidates, and by conducting structured interviews, we standardise them and reduce affinity bias. Unstructured interviews have the potential to result in the interview panel diverting away from the candidate’s skills and experience, and instead becoming captivated with the similarities they have with a candidate on a personal level.
  • Diverse selection panels: We ensure we always have at least one female member of the team when interviewing candidates.

Event Participation, Training and Accreditations

  • Diversity & Inclusion events: Our team regularly attends gender and diversity conferences to ensure we understand and are kept updated with the targets and goals our clients are working towards.
  • Trained and educated hiring managers: All internal staff have received training on unconscious bias. Understanding how our biases can affect the decision-making process is crucial in order to question and reflect upon original judgements of a potential candidate.
  • Clear Assured Bronze status: We are proud to be working towards receiving the Bronze status of the Clear Company accreditation.

Additional Services

  • Tailored services for clients: Whilst we ensure candidates match our clients brief and job specification, we can also offer a list of alternative candidates in the shortlist presentation stage of our process. Presenting slightly unconventional and unique options can assist clients with fulfilling their diversity targets.

[1] McKinsey & Company, ‘Delivering Through Diversity’, 2018