Our Story

Success in a competitive search environment requires experience, informed data & intelligencecredibility, and focused execution.

Eames Partnership offers a new breed of executive search and market intelligence, focused on guiding the global (re)insurance industry on talent and linked strategies.

As the (re)insurance market grapples with disruptive forces and transformation, the talent conversation is changing, with future success requiring a fresh perspective on human capital.

Since our inception, we have immersed ourselves in understanding the challenges and opportunities our clients face, developing a proposition that can adapt to their rapidly evolving talent needs, ensuring they are always prepared for the unexpected and remain ahead of the curve.

Whilst we appreciate the value of tradition, progress requires change. That’s why we embrace innovation, hunting for new research methods, data and insights so that we can dive deeper, increase efficiency and deliver greater value to our clients.

Our specialist expertise and courage to challenge the status quo has gained us the respect of leading firms within the (re)insurance market, with clients trusting us to find them exceptional leaders and talent that will deliver lasting success, both now and in the future.