Market Intelligence: Production Talent Map (UK Broker)

Eames Partnership was recently commissioned by a global broking house to complete a market intelligence report highlighting production capability and independent revenue across the UK retail broking landscape. We focused on the key UK regional hubs (London, Ipswich, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow) and were asked to uncover individuals who were thought to have direct influence over a portfolio of business worth in excess of GBP 500,000.

The Approach

Through an intensive phase of desk-based research, the team sought to highlight notable brokers, across a pre-agreed list of regional top tier, mid-tier and independent broking houses. Due to the majority of individuals being based outside of London, we utilised our regional network of clients and sources in order to cross reference each broker and capture the granular detail required. This included asking targeted questions around technical capabilities, geographical focus, notable personality traits, key accounts and estimated revenue. 

The Outcome

Following our deep dive investigation into the UK regions, we highlighted in excess of 95 notable candidates across the broking community with "pockets of influence" in the UK P&C, construction, real estate, professional risks, and facultative markets. Following the presentation of our findings to the client, Eames Partnership was instructed to pursue 27 individuals across London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow and proceed to interview 18, which resulted in a final shortlist of 11 key producers.

The goal was to help our client build out production capability across the main markets. By partnering with our client, we were able to understand and anticipate their requirements and advise them on the specific technical capabilities and personality characteristics required to build a balanced and effective regional team, which would ultimately enhance their retail offering.

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