What we do

Eames Partnership offers a new breed of executive search and market intelligence, focused on guiding the global (re)insurance industry on talent and linked strategies. 


The market is aligning itself to work with disruptive forces and transformation, the talent conversion is changing, with future success requiring a fresh perspective on human capital.

Whilst we appreciate the value of tradition, progress requires change. We have immersed ourselves in understanding the challenges and opportunities our clients face, developing a proposition that can ensure they are always prepared for the unexpected and remain ahead of the curve.

Data & Insights

Our data & intelligence capabilities provides clients with access to the talent and insights they need to drive their business forward and meet tangible business outcomes. We provide the capability to gain independent insight in a company's market perception along with analysing competitor growth and benchmarking. We provide these through three ...

areas of expertise

Deep sector knowledge and experience with a defining track record