Psychometric Testing

We utilise psychometric testing as part of our standard executive search offering. We have selected to work with a strategic partner, Thomas International, due to speed, agility and accuracy, as well as the variety of assessments on offer, which can also be tailored to a particular client or assignment.

The results and findings provide powerful insights and form part of our detailed shortlist reports. One of our in-house experts will be able to interpret the results with the client in greater detail at presentation stage.

We believe that bespoke psychometrics testing offers an additional layer of validity throughout the evaluation process. The results add a layer of unbiased, regulated and scientific credibility to the overall selection process. 

The four assessments include:

PPA (Personal Profile Analysis): A comprehensive insight into how people behave. In just 8 minutes, the test highlights a potential candidate’s preferred working style and behavioural traits.

HPTI: The High Performance Trait Indicator for Leadership Potential offers an insight into a candidate’s potential to become a successful future leader.

TEIQue: A scientific personality instrument that offers an objective way of measuring emotional competencies in the workplace.

GIA: An aptitude and ability assessment that measures a candidate’s mental horsepower.

If you are interested in learning more about our psychometric testing capabilities or how we can help you develop other areas of your business, please contact Matthew Eames at or on +44 (0)207 092 3257.