Talent Map

Our bespoke, innovative mapping offering provides clients with a strategic tool to help navigate the talent landscape and make intelligent business decisions

Our market and talent mapping service enables clients to rapidly identify top quartile talent in the global (re)insurance markets, reducing the time and cost burden on internal HR and talent acquisition teams.

With our specialist and extensive knowledge of these sectors, we provide clients with a high quality, detailed and cost-effective solution aimed at accelerating the hiring and onboarding process.

Our mapping service is ideal for clients seeking to grow existing teams, replace individuals or teams or find talent with the right skills to enhance or expand their current offering. We provide detailed profiles of individuals within targeted institutions and subsectors, as well as organisational charts outlining seniority and reporting lines.

We are also able to offer valuable insight and statistics relating to diversity and inclusion, helping clients to improve diversity and broaden talent pools. ‚Äč