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JLT's speciality business sees UK revenue up 5% in 2016

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

JLT speciality business saw total UK revenue for 2016 up 5% to £327m on 2015; this was driven by strong sector performance. 

Charles Rozes, group finance director said, "Sector performance in the specialty line is namely construction, aviation which was quite strong throughout the year. In that regards we are going from strength to strength in some of those sectors." 

He highlighted the fine arts division which he said had a very good year and one that is quite unique in the market. 

Dominic Burke, group chief executive said, "The US platform widened the runway for our speciality business around the world and that is because the US still represents 50% of the global property and casualty spend in the world. Being able to deliver with a strong capability with the US platform enabled us to go and present our capability to corporates who wanted to work with JLT.  This is only now starting to show real signs of transaction."